Campus Interviews, Negotiating Terms, and Some Alternatives to Tenure-Track Employment

  • Kathryn Hume


You must have done well in your conference interviews, because now you are facing campus interviews. In the former, your chances were probably one in ten; now they are usually one in three. Campus interviews cost schools so much that they do not like bringing in more people than necessary. Whereas the brief hotel interview demanded intensity and the ability to answer any question instantly and effectively, the campus interview demands sustained energy and unflagging enthusiasm. Moreover, while your answers are important, your collegiality is more significant. People want to be sure that you will fit in and contribute your share to a joint enterprise. You will be on display for a day or two, talking with individuals, committees, and larger audiences. The trick is to stay eager, engaged, and happy to talk to anyone. You must be as enthusiastic when you trot out some comment on your work the fifteenth time as you were the first. You must not give briefer answers late in the visit. You may feel that everyone has heard your explanation and that it sounds sillier each time you say the words, but in fact everyone has not heard it, and the perceived silliness just results from the repetitions.


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