How to Plan Your Job Hunt: Timeline and Documents

  • Kathryn Hume


A list of everything you need to do for a job hunt will daunt even the bravest and most organized person. By breaking the process down into monthly steps, I hope to help you apportion your time and reduce chaos to manageable clusters of activity. First, note the date of your field’s national convention where preliminary interviews take place. The American Academy of Religion (AAR) meeting takes place in late November. Speech Communication interviews also take place in November, and some preliminary screening interviews for History take place at autumn regional or specialty meetings. Philosophy holds its, meeting at the very end of December. History, English, Languages, and Linguistics meet at the beginning of January. Preparations for interviewing must start at least four months in advance, so people from Religious Studies, Speech Communication, and History should start in July, while others should start in August. If conferences specific to Women’s Studies, African American Studies, Jewish Studies, and American Studies hold interviews, then match your timeline to the date of the conference if it falls before the winter holidays; if it comes in the Spring, then you will have had to prepare for one of the general-purpose conferences as well, and so you should lay out your timeline accordingly.


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