Exhibiting Minorities: The Politics of Recognition at Beaubourg

  • Richard L. Derderian


On January 18, 1984 the Centre Nationale d’Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, commonly known as Beaubourg, opened its doors to an unprecedented three-month exhibition. Entitled, Les enfants de l’immigration (immigrant children), the exhibition showcased the creative work of young artists and creators from France’s diverse ethnic minority communities. Set in one of the capital’s premiere cultural institutions, then drawing over seven million visitors a year, and offering a prominent place to North African youth, Les enfants de l’immigration seemed to offer exactly the kind of institutional recognition and public forum long sought by cultural and political actors from France’s North African immigrant community. Attracting some 4,800 visitors daily—one-fifth of Beaubourg’s daily average—and over 400,000 in total, Les enfants de l’immigration appeared to be an unparalleled success.1


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