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The Majlis Liturgy: Sermon Topics and Shiite Self-definition

  • David Pinault


The activities of Hyderabad’s guruhan are not confined to any one season. Throughout the year the men’s associations supervise the holding of jeshns or festal celebrations on occasions such as the birthdays of the Prophet’s family and the Twelve Imams, Id-e Ghadir, and Id-e Mubahela. But conversations with members of six associations confirmed my impression that the guilds are most active in the months of Muharram and Safar, during the time of the commemoration of Husain’s death and the events surrounding Karbala.


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    See also T. Vedantam, ed., Census of India 1971, Series 2, Andhra Pradesh: A Monograph on Muharram in Hyderabad City (Delhi: Government of India Press, 1977), 74–75, for a list of sermon topics commonly presented in Hyderabad majalis during Muharram.Google Scholar

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