Smith, Larkin, Snyder, Heaney, Rogers: “We Should be Kind”

  • Randy Malamud


Marianne Moores and José Emilio Pacheco’s poetry embody extensive evocations of animal souls; their systematic considerations of how animals and people relate offer sustained parallels to Mesoamerican spiritual ideals. The poets in this chapter—Stevie Smith, Philip Larkin, Gary Snyder, Seamus Heaney, and Pattiann Rogers—do not address anthro- zoological concerns as exhaustively as Moore and Pacheco, or present in their poetry as comprehensive a platform for celebrating and intensifying human-animal interactions. Still, their works offer a range of significant poetic animals that advance my examination in a varied assembly of texts. Several examples of poetic animals from such different writers will help illustrate, as diversely as possible, how one may apply the ecocritical ethics I am formulating.


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