Religion in Transition—Comparative Perspectives

  • Gladys Ganiel
Part of the Contemporary Anthropology of Religion book series (CAR)


This chapter explores the role of evangelicalism in Northern Ireland over time and from comparative perspectives. In the first part of the chapter, concepts about the role of religion outlined in chapter 2 provide a framework for understanding developments and change, including the relationship between evangelicalism and power, evangelical responses to changing social and political structures, and the content of evangelical beliefs. These concepts are used to explain the historical role of evangelicalism, as well as evangelicals’ responses to changes since the imposition of Direct Rule in 1972. A key argument is that changes since 1972 have seen evangelicalism lose a privileged relationship with social and political power, and traditional and mediating evangelicals have adapted in different ways. Their ability to adapt is constrained by the changed structures of civil society (chapter 2) and by religious structures in Northern Ireland.


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