Résumé: Reforming International Security Institutions Since 1989/90

  • Ingo Peters


In this résumé, a cross-cutting analysis is following closely related to the set of common questions regarding the evolution of institutional characteristics posed in the introduction. Thus, the reform processes the European security institutions have been undergoing since 1989/90 are summarised concerning a) the normative bases and institutional statutes, b) organisational structures and decision-making procedures, and c) instruments and mechanisms for co-operation and the management of common problems. While overall relating to the fmdings in the individual articles, the empirical boundaries of the contributions, which were to a large degree dictated by an early deadline are transgressed in this chapter in order to touch upon the latest political developments relevant for this project. Moreover, finally some general ideas are put forward through which this volume’s contributions might direct the necessary further investigation of determinants of international institutionalisation in general.


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