Of Women, Writing, and Recognition

  • Edvige Giunta


Last year, my mailman delivered a package containing a book; on the cover, a color photo revealed the author, a woman, youthful despite her white hair, standing against a green and mountainous background. This unexpected gift came from a writer I had never heard of: Filoména Lo Curcio Stefanelli. She had read an article about my work on Italian American women writers that had just appeared in the New York Times and felt compelled to write to me.1 Writer, historian, archivist, and photographer, Stefanelli self-published, in 1998, The Stromboli Legacy: My Voyage of Discovery, an evocative exploration of the authors cultural and geographical connection to the rocky island off the coast of Sicily where her parents were born. Stefanelli wanted me to know about her book—perhaps she knew I would let others know about it, too.


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