Vassilis Lambropoulos (1953–) from “The Rites of Interpretation,” The Rise of Eurocentrism (1993)

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Readers of Mimesis will remember the well-prepared and touching comparison in chapter 1, where the two basic types of literary representation in Western culture are dramatically contrasted. The scene of Odysseus’ recognition by his old housekeeper Euryclea in the Odyssey is examined in great thematic and stylistic detail, and then interpreted against a parallel reading of the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis. The wide variety of distinct features exhibited in the two texts is organized in two corresponding sets of diametrically opposed character and tone. These sets are then seen as concise pictures of the worldview expressed in the respective works, and are used as the basis for a broad outline of the Homeric and the Biblical systems of thought. At the end of the chapter, the two types are set forth as the starting point for the investigation of European literary representation that the rest of the book conducts through the centuries, from antiquity to modern times.


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