“Isagoge brevissima exhibens rationem legendi et scribendi Hebræogermanicum” / ‘Very Brief Introduction, Expounding the Principles of Reading and Writing Hebrew-German,’ from Compendium Hebrææ Lingvæ / Precis of the Hebrew Language (1594)

  • Thomas Blebelius


Source: Thomas Blebelius, Compendium Hebraa Lingva ex Grammatica Blebelii Quanta heri potuit brevitate & per fpicuitate collectum, et ad puerilem institutionem omnino accommodatum. Witeberga, ex officina Cratoniana, MDXCIIII; extant: Rostock, Universitätsbibliothek, CIc-1826.1.


Compound Word Thirteenth Century Translation Rule Supplemental Text European History 
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