Black White Dance Dancers

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What is black dance? This issue has been the subject of controversy and unease in the American concert dance ‘world since the 1960s and has resurfaced every decade or so since then. In 2000, it again came to the forefront, spearheaded by a new initiative in the form of an annual project presented by the 651 Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York, titled “Black Dance: Tradition and Transformation.” This time around the term “black dance” was taken up as a badge of honor by a new generation of African diasporan dancers and choreographers (that is, artists of African descent working in communities across the globe) who may have been unaware of the historical pitfalls of categorization or have decided to repossess a term of limitation by redefining it (as is the case with the use of the “n” word by young people of African lineage). This adoption of the term measures the degree of separation between blacks and whites, blacks and blacks, old-timers and newcomers.


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