Louis VII’s Charter of 1144 for Saint-Denis and the Two Tabernacles of Abbot Suger

  • Thomas G. Waldman
  • William W. Clark
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On June 11, 1144 the dedication of the new chevet of the abbey church of Saint-Denis, the translation of the bodies of the saints, and the consecration of the new altars, all took place in the presence of the king of France, Louis VII, his wife, Queen Eleanor, his mother, Adelaide de Maurienne, a number of archbishops, bishops, and magnates, as well as Abbot Suger and the monks of the abbey.1 Although the extensive building campaign envisaged by Suger was not completed,2 this great event, consisting of the three well-known, sequential ceremonies, was to be the culmination of the alterations and additions to the old church. It was also the last of the liturgies that recreated the bonds between the kings of France and their patron saint, Denis.3


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