The Organizational Bases of Corruption

  • Apostolis Papakostas
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Something unusual has happened in Sweden in recent years. In a country where the general public trusts state authorities, the mass media publishes daily reports that something is rotten in the “state of Sweden”. Corruption scandals erupt one after another, and the stories in newspaper op-ed and financial pages on such matters are often intriguing. A random selection of recent “affairs” reveals public officials and their wives attending expensive conventions paid for by subcontractors, heads of state-run companies taking bribes from suppliers, a cabinet minister responsible for business matters accepting a job in a large conglomerate and then arranging an informal meeting with the prime minister. The newspaper articles typically play up the sensational elements in the cases, often those dealing with criminal aspects. Other articles, however, are more interested in issues of private morality. Ethics committees seem to be springing up right and left.


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