Civic Adventure in Turkey: Creation and Evolution of TOSAM and the “Radio Democracy” Project

  • Dogu Ergil


When we decided it was time to put a healthy diagnosis to the ongoing “Kurdish problem” of Turkey, it had already exacted blood from the youth of Turkey for almost a decade. The conflict that was named as mere terrorism has not only consumed tens of thousands of young men and women of Turkey in a fratricide, but has cost dearly in economic terms and shadowed the country’s image as an immature democracy with little respect for rule of law. Efforts to convince two successive prime ministers, a deputy prime minister, and a minister of interior to sponsor research into the nature of the problem was turned down; for the officialdom, it was neither a social problem nor an economic one. It was merely the making of alien powers by instigating unruly elements in the society that were alien to national “values” anyway. And because it was a matter of security, the security forces of the country were giving them the necessary answer they deserved. An unnamed war waged in the country while the citizens watched, stunned. Debate about it was aborted by executive order, rendering it a legal liability as well as ostracism from the media and public access.


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