Imaging in Inflammatory Carcinoma

  • Yolanda Villaseñor-NavarroEmail author
  • Lesvia Olivia Aguilar-Cortazar
  • Irma Perez-Zuñiga
  • Roberto Alejandro Cruz-Morales
  • Cecilia Magdalena Pavon-Hernandez
  • Martha Patricia Perez-Badillo
  • Jaime Ignacio Garcia-Gomez


Inflammatory carcinoma is a rare and aggressive form of primary epithelial cancer that includes 1–6 % of breast cancer and is associated to a poor prognosis given the high probability of micrometastases at diagnosis; about 20 % of patients have distant metastases at diagnosis [1], with a high incidence of recurrence, higher than those noninflammatory carcinoma.

Inflammatory breast cancer is diagnosed clinically by the rapid appearance of erythema and edema called “orange peel” involving at least one third of the skin around the breast. In this chapter, it discusses the various methods of imaging and its usefulness in the diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer.


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