Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, Staging Evaluation, Differential Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment, and Follow-Up

  • Juan Enrique Bargallo-RochaEmail author
  • Robin J. Shaw-Dulin
  • Teresa Ramirez-Ugalde
  • Angel Herrera-Gomez


Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer with a relatively poor prognosis and is characterized by a rapid onset of classic clinical and pathologic features, rapid progression, and early metastases. Several conditions may be confused with IBC, leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment. Current management of inflammatory cancer is based on multidisciplinary treatment including neoadjuvant chemotherapy and subsequent locoregional treatment including surgery and radiation therapy. Mastectomy has been proven to be an integral part of combination treatment, contributing to local control and improved survival.


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