Skin Color in Face Analysis

  • J. Birgitta MartinkauppiEmail author
  • Abdenour Hadid
  • Matti Pietikäinen


This chapter deals with the role of color in facial image analysis such as face detection and recognition. First, we introduce the use of color information in computer vision in general and in the field of facial image analysis in particular. Then, we give an introduction to color formation and discuss the effect of illumination on color appearance, and its consequences. The skin data can come from different sources like real faces, photos or print. Separating the sources of skin data is presented, and skin color modeling is discussed. We also review the use of color in face detection, while the contribution of color to face recognition is covered.


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The financial support of the Academy of Finland is gratefully acknowledged. J.B. Martinkauppi thanks Field NIRce which was sponsored by Botnia Atlantica, a project of the European Regional Development Fund.


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