The Chronicles of Riddick

  • William Sims Bainbridge
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On April 1, 2009, I received a phone message on my office voicemail: “This is Vin Diesel. GameStop will have The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena in stores by tomorrow afternoon. So stop into your local GameStop and pick up your copy – or else!” This was no April Fool joke, but a robot alert recorded by the actor, Vin Diesel, and sent to me because I had pre-ordered the game. Actually, there were two games on the DVD, the other being Escape from Butcher Bay, and I finished them both on May 9, taking 1,200 screenshots and many notes about ethnographically interesting observations. I did so playing the role of Riddick himself, because the series does not allow players to express their individuality by creating their own avatars.


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