Concepts for Electromechanical Conversion

  • Benoît Robyns
  • Bruno Francois
  • Philippe Degobert
  • Jean Paul Hautier
Part of the Power Systems book series (POWSYS)


This chapter is a reminder of the main physical laws and fundamentals of electromechanical energy conversion through magnetic devices. It seemed essential to reposition the modeling approach and the resulting control problems within the context of applied physics. The great discoveries of the past two centuries in electromagnetism allowed emphasizing most of the phenomena at the origin of many electrical machine inventions. It is also gradually explained that all these energetic phenomena are governed by the same universal principle of determinism, which refers to the principle of causality in physics. A basic example, based on a machine composed of a rotor coil and a stator coil, is studied so as to emphasize the articulation of the cause–effect relationships that govern any electromechanical conversion.


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  • Jean Paul Hautier
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