Why Me?

  • Jonathan Waxman


It’s rational for the man or woman who has been given a cancer diagnosis to wonder why they have got the wretched thing. It’s a natural response. And we respond rationally to our diagnosis by looking for the causes of our cancer in the life that we lead. We wonder if it is the air that we breathe. Is it our genes or is it our environment? Have we got cancer because of something bad that we have done, that we really shouldn’t have done? Whatever it is, whatever the cause, cancer seems like retribution. Could it be stress or is it depression? Is it a virus or bacteria? Is it a lack of exercise or repressed anger? Whatever has done it, I have got it. Why is it me? What have I done to get this ghastly thing? Is it free radicals or not enough antioxidants? Is it the food that we eat or is it food additives? Is it microwaves or electricity pylons, is it mobile phones or radiation? They are all grand suspects in the conspiracy theory that surrounds the causes of cancer. In turn all of the suspects are brought up before a brooding jury and inspected in great detail for the villains that they are.


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