Here’s Henry

  • Jonathan Waxman


They’re in the consulting room, it’s where everything happens … and there’s Henry, sitting on the edge of his chair, fists clenched, glowering, furious, enraged.

Henry is 62 years old. Henry knows he’s a success, knows he’s a success in everything that he does. Henry is always in the driving seat, in control, running things. The driving seat is mostly in a Bentley. The driving is from the office to the restaurant and also from the restaurant to the office. That’s Henry’s favourite exercise: driving to restaurants.

Henry didn’t look like the sort of person that was home much. He was wearing a beautiful blue suit, quite the best thing to have ever come out of Savile Row, a Hermes tie, and Italian loafers. There was Tiffany gold at his wrists. His face glistened with moisturiser. He was glossy with an affluence that resonated from him in diamant´ waves around the waiting room. And then there was the aftershave. Henry is definitely bold font and capitalised.


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