Algorithm for the Calculation of an Optimum Structure of Heat Exchangers for the Modernization of a 370 MW Power Unit to Combined Heat and Power Cycle

  • Ryszard Bartnik
  • Zbigniew Buryn


This chapter presents the algorithm for the calculation of an optimum structure of heaters applied for the adaptation of an electric power unit to cogeneration based on annual scheduled chart summarizing the demand for heating power together with the equations for its qualitative regulation. This algorithm is based on the mathematical model of the unit presented in Chap. 3. This model needs to be complemented by Stodola–Flügel turbine passage equations for the steam turbine, which illustrates variations of pressure in steam extractions resulting from the variable concentration of its stream. The latter, in turn, is relative to the variable extraction of heating steam into heaters in accordance with the annual scheduled chart of the demand for heating power due to temperature variable steam intake for district heating purposes. The distribution of pressures and, consequently, the distribution of saturation temperatures in the extractions, determine the applicability of particular extractions for use in district heating.


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