Application Core Curriculum

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In dedtail reviewed are more then 25 major marine, industrial, and commercial complexes, explaining emerging and existing application techniques. When possible, the pros and cons of prior cleaning or product removal methods, rehabilitation, restoration and demolition practices are compared and referenced. All chapters feature an extensive application “gear-list authorization” which identify and outlines most necessary gear and tooling, including support equipment to manage purchasing, sales forces, and operators in their attempt to create a functional “gear-up list”. When cross referencing between chapters “Introduction”, application “register” and the “Application” core curriculum, everyone involved is equipped to interrelate independently with detailed business procedures. The book industry and job specific will introduce the all-important paper trail which begins with a job hazardous risk analysis, always followed by a trade “application review”, and equipment “gear-list”, guiding to a procurement-bid procedure to initiate a work order.


Standoff Distance Material Safety Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet Restoration Procedure Paint Removal 
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