Diagnostic Shoulder Arthroscopy

  • Roger Hackney


  • Stabilization procedures; labral repair, capsular ­placation, SLAP repairs, closure of rotator interval, and posterior stabilization.

  • Rotator cuff disease; impingement, rotator cuff repair, removal of calcific deposits.

  • Acromioplasty.

  • Excision lateral end of clavicle.

  • Debridement, synovectomy.

  • Treatment of cartilage defects.

  • Removal of loose bodies.

  • Capsular release for adhesive capsulitis/shoulder stiffness.

  • Remove tip of coracoid for subcoracoid impingement.


Rotator Cuff Humeral Head Rotator Cuff Repair Posterior Stabilization Coracoid Process 
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