Wrist Arthroscopy

  • Doug A. Campbell


  • To perform an internal examination or treatment in the radiocarpal and/or midcarpal joints.

  • There are three categories of indications for wrist arthroscopy:
    • Diagnostic – where the preoperative diagnosis is uncertain

    • Staging – where the diagnosis is known but the stage of disease is not

    • Therapeutic – where a procedure is performed arthroscopically

  • Examples of each category are:
    • Diagnostic – causes of wrist pain, confirmation of imaging uncertainties

    • Staging – osteoarthritis, decision-making before proximal row carpectomy

    • Therapeutic – ganglion excision, synovectomy, radial styloidectomy, arthroscopically assisted reduction of scaphoid and distal radius fractures


Distal Radius Distal Radius Fracture Radiocarpal Joint Extensor Carpus Ulnaris Radial Styloid 
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