Tutorial Appendix: Structure Preserving Representation of Euclidean Motions Through Conformal Geometric Algebra

  • Leo Dorst


Using conformal geometric algebra, Euclidean motions in n-D are represented as orthogonal transformations of a representational space of two extra dimensions, and a well-chosen metric. Orthogonal transformations are representable as multiple reflections, and by means of the geometric product this takes an efficient and structure preserving form as a ‘sandwiching product’. The antisymmetric part of the geometric product produces a spanning operation that permits the construction of lines, planes, spheres and tangents from vectors, and since the sandwiching operation distributes over this construction, ‘objects’ are fully integrated with ‘motions’. Duality and the logarithms complete the computational techniques.

The resulting geometric algebra incorporates general conformal transformations and can be implemented to run almost as efficiently as classical homogeneous coordinates. It thus becomes a high-level programming language which naturally integrates quantitative computation with the automatic administration of geometric data structures.

This appendix provides a concise introduction to these ideas and techniques. Editorial note: This appendix is a slightly improved version of (Dorst in: Bayro-Corrochano, E., Scheuermann, G. (eds.) Geometric Algebra Computing for Engineering and Computer Science, pp. 457–476, [2011]). We provide it to make this book more self-contained.


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