Global Claim: A Case Study

  • Ali D. Haidar


In this chapter a global claim is presented as a case study. It shows how claimants can present their claim in a global form. Therefore, an engineer, quantity surveyor or any professional embarking on the process of preparing and presenting a global claim can use this chapter as guidance to follow. However, it must be noted that claimants can only rely in this chapter on the structure and process of thinking as well as the contents but not to use this case claim as a template since all claims are different in their scope as the problems encountered on construction sites are always different even though they have common descriptions and definitions. In this chapter, the claim is structured as such to show the description of the project, contractual arrangements, problems encountered and the legal and contractual matrix of facts that sounded in the causal nexus of the mechanism of presenting the global claim. Calculations for losses are included in this chapter as well using the modified total-cost method.


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