Damages and Calculation of Losses

  • Ali D. Haidar


This chapter will look at the types of damages in general to provide the reader a know-how to identify damages when they occur and the types of losses that can incur. The difference between damages, being liquidated damages or unliquidated damages, and penalties is critically presented. Restitution and quantum meruit are two doctrines that are explained in this chapter to show the special cases where they can apply. This chapter will look at how the court applies principles and rules to dictate the obligations and the liability of the parties towards these issues. The types of losses, forming the components of claims when subjected to delays and disruptions, are identified. The quantum and methodologies to calculate the losses, such as the measured mile approach and the jury verdict method, in both delay claims and disruption claims are presented in detail this chapter. Mitigation is discussed to inform the parties about a dispute of their obligations and this chapter will look on how to minimise delay and disruption disputes that are common in construction.


Critical Path Delay Cost Punitive Damage Disruption Cost Total Float 
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