Construction Contracts: Obligations, Vitiations and Remedies



Contracts, even when formalised, are subject to further scrutinise by the parties especially when they are unfair or in case of special doctrines that can apply subsequently and alter the fundamentals of the contract. Unsurprisingly, a frequent area of dispute in the construction industry stems from disagreements and differing opinions by the parties as to the true interpretation of a particular contract term such as its precise wording and context in the overall contract ambiguity, poor drafting or representation. Contracts, then, can be repudiated, declared void, voidable or rescinded. The parties’ obligations towards implied duties, performance and their contractual rights and relationships are illustrated in this chapter. The doctrines of misrepresentation, frustration, undue influence, mistake and duress among others are also discussed and the courts approach to these doctrines is described to show how law generally can ease hardship, alleviate unfairness and provide the parties to contract remedies. This chapter is of a high importance, as it can aid the parties to a construction contract, understand the possibility to claim outside the provisions of the contracts and to apply vitiating doctrines in law to obtain remedies, rescind, repudiate or terminate the contract.


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