Contract Law: Principles and Doctrines

  • Ali D. Haidar


This chapter is intended to give an overview of the nature of the law as it applies to contracts, in particular construction contracts, and doctrines available. Contract law intends to put the general principles into a particular context that assist in understanding the basic doctrines and rules in contract formation, the importance of doctrines in the construction industry and how to apply legal rules. For an engineer, quantity surveyor or a lawyer preparing a global claim, it is imperative for them to understand the principles of contract law and to be able to understand the complex contractual relationship between the parties to a particular contract in order to establish liability and damages. The objective is to make the reader understand these rules in order to judge the validity of the contractual terms and to assess if a contract is concluded between the parties. This chapter will look firstly at the principles in contract formation such as agreement, offer and acceptance and consideration. Doctrines and concepts in construction contract law such as terms of an agreement, letters of intent, parties to a contract and incorporation of documents are included. Case law applications are referred in order to emphasise the legality and justness of issues raised.


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