OUR City Cohesion Policies: Practices of Ontologies for Urban Regeneration (OUR): The Case of the Puglia Region

  • Francesco Rotondo
Part of the Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing book series (AI&KP, volume 1)


The European Union (EU) Community Strategic Guidelines 2007–2013 place particular emphasis on the specific needs of certain zones, such as urban and rural areas. The guidelines encourage an “integrated approach” towards cohesion policy, not only stimulating growth and creating jobs, but also pursuing certain social and environmental objectives.


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I gratefully acknowledge the cooperation of officials from departments of the Apulia Region Departments for having participated in the OUR experiment and for having offered their invaluable suggestions, especially with regards to user needs. It should be added that the views expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect those of the scientific group working with the EU COST Action C21 which sustained the project.


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  1. 1.Dipartimento di Architettura e UrbanisticaUniversity of BasilicataBariItaly

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