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A quality assurance team will examine the school’s resources, that is, physical, human, and other assets that can be drawn on by the program to deliver its objectives and achieve its goal. An important aspect will be the sufficiency of the medical education program’s teaching, research, and supervising faculty. In the case of the medical school, both the scientific and clinical disciplines will be reviewed to ensure the school has the capacity to meet the stated educational objectives of the program. Typically, each medical school will be expected to produce a detailed staff plan that outlines the type, responsibilities, and balance of academic staff required to deliver the curriculum (see Table 6.1). Such a plan will include the numbers of medical and nonmedical academic staff and the proportion of full-time to part-time staff. In the postgraduate training programs, the ratio of trainers to trainees should ensure sufficient interaction and support during the trainees’ training period. Accrediting teams will need to be clear how much teaching time has been allocated to faculty particularly those with clinical or research responsibilities so that meaningful clinical teaching can occur across the continuum of medical education.


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