Leveraging the Grid for e-Science: The Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure

  • Alexey Cheptsov
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The grid technology provides great support for diverse scientific ­applications, offering them access to a virtually unlimited computing and storage resource pool. In the main application areas of the modern grid, much interest has recently arisen around operational support of instruments, sensors, and laboratory equipment in general. The complex of activities related to this topic can be summarized under the interdisciplinary subject remote instrumentation, where the term instrumentation includes any kind of experimental equipment and a general framework for remote accessing that equipment. However, efficient adoption of the grid by a concrete scientific domain requires considerable adaptation and integration efforts to be performed on different levels of middleware, networking, infrastructure resources, etc. The chapter summarizes the main steps and activities towards the establishment of a Remote Instrumentation Infrastructure, a grid-based environment that covers all of those issues which arise while enabling the remote instrumentation for e-Science on practice.


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We kindly acknowledge to the consortium of the EU project “DORII” for the provided materials and the European Commission which funded the DORII project (under contract no. 213110).


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