Review on Building and Road Detection

  • Cem Ünsalan
  • Kim L. Boyer
Part of the Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition book series (ACVPR)


In this chapter, we briefly review the literature on building and road detection. We group previous studies as follows: building detection (alone), road detection (alone), and combined building and road detection. The last group of studies exploits the mutual information between buildings and road networks to improve detection. Mayer 1999 surveyed object detection systems from aerial images, focusing on building detection. In his excellent survey, he classified building detection systems based on their complexity (in data, building model, and system strategy). Following Mayer’s format (in simplified form), we add missing and new papers published after his survey. Besides the performance measures, Shufelt and McKeown 1999 offer another survey on aerial building detection. There is another excellent survey paper by Mayer et al. 1998 on road detection in aerial images. As in the previous section, we add unreported papers in this survey following the same format (simplified). For each paper, we provide (if available) the data complexity, representation, and the resolution in meters per pixel.


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