Conclusions: Could Airports Really Become Greener?

  • Milan Janić
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


Could airports really become greener? This book has tried to answer on this question by describing the processes of greening airports through the use of advanced technologies and operations. This includes concepts, strategies, and tactics for greening the entire air transport system, of which airports are an important component, together with airlines and ATC/ATM (Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Management). In particular, existing and prospective infrastructural, technical/technological, and operational performances of airports, ATC/ATM, and aircraft/airlines have been analysed regarding their impacts-costs on the environment and society in terms of consumption of non-renewable energy sources (aviation fuel as a derivative of crude oil) and related emissions of greenhouse gases and their prospective impacts on global warming. This additionally includes a detailed elaboration of the methodology for monitoring, analysing, and assessing the level of greening, i.e., sustainable development of airports.


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