Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

  • Hisao Yoshida
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which may contribute to the global warming. The conversion of carbon dioxide to more useful chemicals is not an easy task because of a high thermodynamic barrier, which requires much energy consumption. However, we should not use energy from fossil resources to convert the carbon dioxide because the use of them produces carbon dioxide; therefore, it is desirable to use natural energy for this purpose. Photocatalysis, which can utilize solar energy and break the thermodynamic limitation, is a possible green technology available for the carbon dioxide conversion and many studies have been carried out. In this chapter, after a description of the importance of the photocatalytic system, the physical and chemical basis for carbon dioxide conversion, and the basis for photocatalysis and photocatalysts, we will review a brief history about heterogeneous photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to other compounds, such as methane, methanol and carbon monoxide, by using reducing reagents such as water, hydrogen and methane. The perspectives related to the field of nanotechnology will also be described.


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