Posterior Ankle Arthroscopy and Endoscopy

  • Peter A. J. de Leeuw
  • Maayke N. van Sterkenburg
  • Christiaan J. A. van Bergen
  • C. Niek van Dijk


Posterior ankle pathology can be treated by means of hindfoot endoscopy. The posteromedial and lateral hindfoot portals provide excellent access to the posterior aspect of the ankle and subtalar joint, including extra-articular structures in the hindfoot. An increasing amount of pathological conditions can nowadays be treated with this relatively new technique. Recently a three-portal minimal invasive groove-deepening technique, based on the posteromedial and lateral portal, was introduced to treat recurrent peroneal tendon dislocation. Other indications include subtalar arthrodesis, posterior ankle impingement, and flexor hallucis longus release. The endoscopic hindfoot portals are safe and reliable, both anatomically and clinically. It compares favorably to open surgery with regard to an overall lesser morbidity and quicker recovery.


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  • Maayke N. van Sterkenburg
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  • Christiaan J. A. van Bergen
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  • C. Niek van Dijk
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