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Physiology, Biology, and Lymph Biochemistry

  • Waldemar L. Olszewski


Tissue fluid is the basic fluid forming lymph. It is the capillary filtrate derived from plasma by diffusion, filtration, and vesicular transport mixed with the preexisting mobile intercellular fluid, containing local cell-produced proteins. It contains all the protein fractions of plasma, but at lower levels. Because of the sieving mechanism that occurs during transport of macromolecules across the capillary wall, the percentage of the total protein that is contributed by the small molecular weight proteins tends to be greater than that in serum. There is still a lack of evidence that, in the steady state, the protein concentration in afferent prenodal lymph differs from that of interstitial fluid. Most authors assume that the lymph protein concentration is identical to that in the interstitium. This applies to both normal and lymphedema conditions.


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