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Management of Phlebolymphedema Ulcers

  • Takki A. Momin
  • Richard F. Neville


Lymphedema is a progressive condition of excessive protein edema, which in time leads to chronic inflammation and irreversible fibrosis. Ulcers associated with phlebolymphedema are a consequence of long-standing lymphedema combined with underlying venous insufficiency. The true incidence of this condition remains unknown, because it is seldom correctly recognized. Identification of the etiology of ulcerogenesis is a key step in successful treatment of all ulcers of the lower extremity. This step is especially important for ulcers caused by phlebolymphedema to guide appropriate therapy.


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  • Takki A. Momin
    • 1
  • Richard F. Neville
  1. 1.Georgetown University/Washington Hospital CenterWashingtonUSA

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