The introduction provides a general view of the contents, in addition to the selection criteria, editorial conventions, a list of major topics, and the usual acknowledgements.

The collection consists of three categories of letters: the scientific, the personal, and the organizational ones.

We have listed as major topics (1) Friendship with Adama van Scheltema, 1898–1924. (2) The doctorate, (3) Lebesgue, topology and dimension, (4) Koebe and automorphic functions, (5) Interbellum political frictions in science – the boycott of Germany, (6) Dimension theory, (7) The Riemann volume, (8) The Grundlagenstreit, (9) The War of the Frogs and the Mice (or ‘the Mathematische Annalen conflict’), (10) Compositio Mathematica, (11) Post war conflicts.


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