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Telenursing: An Audit

  • Sajeesh Kumar
Part of the Health Informatics book series (HI)


Telenursing is a relatively young field; consequently, further long-term studies with regard to legal issues, cost, and safety are required before the technology can be integrated into the mainstream health-care system. Telenursing services are not going away, but the field is evolving. As with many young disciplines, telenursing seems to redefine itself on a fairly regular basis – changing to meet the demand of managing more and larger specialties. Telenursing is growing worldwide annually, due, in large part, to the approval of procedures. In addition, given better acceptance among nurses, physicians, hospitals, and patients, this growth will likely increase. It must be noted that the growth of telenursing will directly support and help the growth of nursing, because telenursing is, of course, an integral part of nursing.


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