Cartilage Restoration in the Patellofemoral Joint

  • Jack Farr
  • Brian J. Cole
  • Michael J. Salata
  • Marco Collarile
  • Sarvottam Bajaj


The treatment of patellofemoral (PF) articular cartilage pathology is difficult because the pathology is multifactorial and symptoms related to the cartilage portion of the problem are expressed through noncartilaginous tissue. Since cartilage is aneural, the symptoms from the cartilage defects are mediated through the mechanical effects on bone and by cartilage debris that causes noxious stimulation of soft tissues. A systematic history, thorough physical examination, and appropriate imaging studies are essential to assign a portion of the patient’s symptoms to the cartilage pathology. A successful outcome for patellofemoral articular cartilage restoration requires treatment of each individual component of the multifactorial pathology, and with careful patient selection and comprehensive patient and knee specific surgical management, it is possible for cartilage restoration in the patellofemoral compartment to have a success rate similar to the tibiofemoral compartment.


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  • Michael J. Salata
  • Marco Collarile
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