Failure of Patellofemoral Surgery: Analysis of Clinical Cases

  • Robert A. Teitge
  • Roger Torga-Spak


An analysis of patellofemoral dysfunction best proceeds with an independent analysis of each of these elements. A more clear understanding of the clinical syndrome can be made if one first looks at each factor independently and then attempts to relate the factors sequentially and causally. As yet there exists no formula, which can quantitatively determine the relative contributions of each of these components in such a way as to define the mechanics,the pathology, and the clinical picture. These three factors are not the same but are often related. It is important to think of the disease process as resulting from a combination of contributions of abnormality from each of these three components. There may be a failure of any one area individually, simultaneously, or sequentially. If the pathomechanics can be determined, then a revision surgery that first reverses the previous surgeries and then corrects the primary mechanical etiology has the best chances of success.


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