Uncommon Causes of Anterior Knee Pain

  • Vicente Sanchis-Alfonso
  • Erik Montesinos-Berry
  • Francisco Aparisi-Rodriguez
  • Vicente Belloch-Ugarte


Anterior knee pain is a common symptom, which may have a large variety of causes. Although, patellofemoral malalignment (PFM) is a potential cause of anterior knee pain in young patients, not all malalignments are symptomatic. To think of anterior knee pain as somehow being necessarily tied to PFM is an oversimplification that has positively stultified progress toward better diagnosis and treatment of patients with anterior knee pain syndrome. PFM could be the single culprit for the pain, but it is also possible that it bears no relation whatsoever with the patient’s complaint or that it is only partly to blame for the problem.


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  • Francisco Aparisi-Rodriguez
  • Vicente Belloch-Ugarte
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