SIMPLE—Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment

  • Andrew Sneesby
  • Duncan Rose
  • Roger Byrne
  • Walter Graf
  • Maureen Hodgins
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Sustainable Infrastructure Management Program Learning Environment (SIMPLE) is a web based asset management knowledge tool set hosted by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF). It is an intuitive and user-friendly set of on-line process and practice guidelines, templates and decision support tools designed for asset management practitioners, SIMPLE can: (1) Simplify and guide the development of effective Enterprise-Wide Asset Management plans, and (2) provide practical implementation guidelines for agencies to assess and drive meaningful improvements in asset management for Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. As a knowledge management system, it also makes asset management principles and practices comprehensible and promotes information exchange among practitioners with various needs and experience levels (through chat rooms, technical forums etc.). The SIMPLE on line knowledge base has undergone a favourable peer-review and validation process through a beta testing program involving utility agencies from around the world. WERF and the Water Research Foundation (WRF) have also partnered to create an Asset Management Self Assessment Tool (SAM-GAP) tailored to the North American water utility industry. Through the Global Water Research Coalition (GWRC), WERF and the Water Research Foundation have partnered with other international research organisations, United Kingdom Water Industry Research (UKWIR) and the Water Services Association Australia (WSAA) to create a Benefit-Cost Tool and a Risk Management Tool now incorporated into SIMPLE. Life Cycle Costing, Capital Investment Planning, Asset Registers and Hierarchies, Condition Assessment, Valuation and Failure Mode Analysis are also in development for the future.


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Asset management


Best appropriate practice


Environmental protection agency, United States of America


General accounting office, United States of America


Global water research coalition


Sustainable infrastructure management program learning environment


Total enterprise asset management framework


Water environment research foundation, United States of America


Water research foundation, United States of America


United Kingdom water industry research


Water services association of Australia


Strategic asset management, gap tool

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