Towards an Asset Management Framework of Asset Characteristics, Asset Environment, Lifecycle Phases, and Management

  • T. E. Van der Lei
  • Y. C. Wijnia
  • P. M. Herder
Conference paper


In 2007 “the state of asset management in the Netherlands” for infrastructures was established by a national study conducted by the Next Generation Infrastructures research programme (NGInfra). This study showed that within the Netherlands different interpretations of asset management exist. The way asset management is implemented in practice differs widely. Differences included tools, processes, organizations and value systems. Within the EURENSEAM network, a European network of asset management research groups, an asset overview was created in November 2009 consisting of the characteristics of the assets and the context of the assets, and the asset lifecycle phases. We have developed this overview into a framework and interviewed Dutch asset management practitioners. The intention was to see if the practitioners could fill in the framework and relate to it. In this paper we report the findings of these interviews and discuss this onset for an asset management framework that allows for the comparison of different perspectives on asset management. Foreseen future work is the development of taxonomies for assets and for asset management.


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  • T. E. Van der Lei
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  • Y. C. Wijnia
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  • P. M. Herder
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  1. 1.Section Energy and IndustryDelft University of TechnologyDelftThe Netherlands
  2. 2.D-Cision bvZwolleThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Next Generation Infrastructure FoundationDelftThe Netherlands

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