The Politics

  • Julian Ashbourn


We start this chapter by explaining why politics are so important with respect to large-scale systems. The relationship between technology and politics is discussed, including the use of technology to support political agendas and how information technology in particular has fulfilled this role, with biometric technology continuing the trend by serving many agendas. We consider the supply chain with respect to politics and ­discuss how an over-reliance upon technology often leads to a weakening of ­responsibility and initiative within government agencies and elsewhere. Technology should never be considered as a substitute for managerial responsibility, and yet this is often exactly how it is perceived. We progress to a discussion around the use of biometric technology in law enforcement and the relationship between citizen and state. Serious crime and terrorism is ­discussed with an emphasis of getting to the root cause of such ills, rather than supposing that technology can solve such deep seated issues. This leads us to consider scope creep for political reasons with respect to large-scale systems, and how such systems may consequently become misrepresented to the public as to their clarity of purpose. We also consider societal development in general and the associated impact of technology.


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