Advanced Topics on Multidimensional Signals

  • Gianfranco Cariolaro


The theory of the previous chapters is applicable to multidimensional signals, but to arrive at their full formulation, some topics, mainly multidimensional groups, must be further developed. In this chapter this will be done for gratings and especially for lattices, first with an efficient representation of gratings and then that of lattices, and then we will consider the problem of generating all subgroups of a given group. Other topics that are further investigated are those of cells, with their multiplicity of representations, and the evaluation of sum and intersection, which is formulated in the framework of integer matrices.

The final advanced topic is change of signal dimensionality, which is encountered, e.g., in television scanning, where a time-varying image (a 3D signal) is converted to a 1D signal. This topic has not been developed in the literature in operator form and represents an original contribution of the Unified Signal Theory.


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