Uncommon Rheumatological Conditions

  • Maurice Barry


  • Also known as algodystrophy

  • Poorly understood condition

  • Clinical features include pain (often severe), diffuse and marked tenderness, soft tissue swelling. Warmth over affected part and localised sweating are also seen. Hand and foot most commonly affected. Occasionally can affect hip or knee

  • Triggered by trauma (accident, burn, surgery, etc.), hemiplegia, meningitis, pregnancy, tumours, prolonged immobilization. In a quarter of patients no clear trigger identified. In some, psychological factors have a role

  • The diagnosis is essentially clinical. Triple-phase technetium scintigraphy may be helpful, also MRI

  • Management includes reassurance and counselling, antidepressants, pain management including transcutaneous nerve stimulation, regional sympathetic or ganglion block. Encourage use of affected limb


Rheumatic Fever Rheumatic Heart Disease Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Ganglion Block Villonodular Synovitis 
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