Buckling Analysis and Optimization of Plates and Shells

  • Ernest Hinton
  • Johann Sienz
  • Mustafa Özakça


This chapter deals with the buckling analysis and optimization of prismatic and axisymmetric plate and shell structures. The analysis of prismatic folded plate structures supported on diaphragms at two opposite edges is carried out using variable-thickness FSs based on MR assumptions, which allow for transverse shear deformation effects. The theoretical formulation is presented for a family of C(0) strips and the accuracy and relative performance of the strips are examined.

Next, the basic FE formulation for buckling analysis of axisymmetric plates and shells based on MR theory is presented. Only an outline description of the formulation is given, since some parts of the formulation have been discussed in previous chapters of the book.

Later, some benchmark examples of prismatic and axisymmetric plates and shells are considered to verify the accuracy and convergence behaviour of FEs/FSs.

The last section deals with the application of reliable and efficient computational tools for shape optimization of prismatic and axisymmetric structures using an optimization algorithm developed earlier. Several examples are considered, illustrating improvements in the buckling behaviour of structures.


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  • Johann Sienz
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  • Mustafa Özakça
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  3. 3.Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of EngineeringUniversity of GaziantepGaziantepTurkey

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